Discover 3 Essential Concepts to Regain Autonomy Over Your Life (& Defeat Burnout)

...Without Having To Leave Medicine

In this FREE, Live training you'll learn: 
  • How to improve your happiness and satisfaction despite the broken medical system

  • The most effective way to balance all your responsibilities

  • The 2-part system to become more efficient at work so that you can have more time at home 

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Join us for 60 minutes to learn how to take back the autonomy in your life through harnessing the power of your thoughts.

I'm Dr. Jimmy Turner - a husband, dad, and doctor

My burnout story is like many of yours.  It started as a slow smolder, and - at some point - turned into a fire set to consume my life and career. 

At one point, I thought my only option was to leave medicine.
That was before I learned how to harness the power of my thoughts, fell back in love with my career and my life.

...I want to teach you how to do the same. 

Let me show you how!


This webinar is PERFECT for you, if:

  • You have considered leaving medicine
  • You are a doctor who is burned out or feeling overwhelmed
  • You've tried to fix your burnout, but have failed
  • You want to find the balance you need to live the life you deserve as a parent, physician, and/or spouse

Inside, you know you deserve a life you love.

You have EARNED it.

If you are done being burned out and overwhelmed...

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