Life & Career Coaching for Physicians 

"From overwhelmed and burned out to in control and enjoying the journey ... in just 12 weeks!"


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Alpha Client Stories:


"The ROI is off the charts!"


Joseph Mahon, MD

 Reconstructive Urologist

Dr. Michael Runyon, MD
Emergency Medicine

"I have to admit that I was a bit of a coaching skeptic, but I am so glad I that I took the leap because the Alpha Group Coaching program has been a truly transformational experience!

Having Jimmy coach me to think through challenges and use the thought model to break them up into the components has helped me realize that I have much more control over my life than I ever realized. One particularly helpful process has been to do the thought work to identify my priorities (especially family time, date nights, sleep, and self care) and then hold myself accountable for scheduling those things first (along with my basic job responsibilities).

This has helped free me from the anxiety of my to-do list and empowered me to live in the present, secure in the fact that I am exactly where I need to be at any given moment in time...

and that I have an intentional plan for managing my other responsibilities. I highly recommend the Alpha Group Coaching program to anyone who wants to live a more content and intentional life.

What if you could find all the tools you need to help you find balance and stop feeling overwhelmed and burned out? 


  • If you feel like a bad partner, parent, or physician "faking it until they make it"...

  • If you feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done...

  • If you feel that medicine has let you down...

  • If you constantly feel like you have to achieve...

  • If you wonder where your love for medicine has gone, and want it back...

  • Maybe you feel alone on this journey...


Today, there is hope. Right now, there are answers.  


Coaching can help you!

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But it costs too much!!!


Too many doctors feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or burned out trying to balance being a partner, parent, and physician.


Yet, they think that they don't have the money to invest in coaching.


  • What if the opposite was true?
  • What if you and your family couldn't afford NOT to invest in being the best spouse, parent, and physician you can be?

You invested a six-figure sum of money to become a physician.  That was an investment in your profession.


Coaching for physicians by physician coaches is an investment in you. 


If you don't take care of yourself first, how can you properly take care of anyone else in your life?

It is like oxygen on a plane. If the plane starts going down, you are instructed to put your oxygen on first. 

Why? So that you can help other people next.

We are no good to our families or our patients if we are worn out, anxious, fatigued, or overwhelmed.

Transformation is possible. It is time to learn how to be the best version of yourself and enjoy the journey along the way!

What our clients are saying...


Dr. Peter Baum, DO
Family Medicine

"Signing up for life-coaching via The Physician Philosopher’s Alpha Group Coaching Experience was the best decision I’ve made in quite some time and I’m thankful I did it. Life coaching with Jimmy was a game changer for me, and empowered me to regain my autonomy and sense of self."  

M.H., MD
Emergency Medicine

"I would highly encourage anyone considering this course to take a leap of faith and enroll now. The value that you will receive will far exceed the time and money that you will spend on this course. Participating in the beta group life coach course may be one of the best decisions I have ever made .

After practicing emergency medicine for seventeen years I began to experience signs of burnout. I joined this group with the hope of gaining some ways to deal with the burnout. In the beta group I found a community of like minded individuals, many of whom share similar issues. It was this ability to interact with other group members that has provided a great learning opportunity.

Jimmy is a great leader and facilitator of these group discussions . He provides weekly lessons highlighting common issues doctors struggle with and gives you methods to deal more effectively with these issues. As a practicing anesthesiologist Jimmy can relate to the common issues faced by physicians and he is genuinely interested in helping doctors obtain the skills they need to improve their work life balance and career satisfaction. This course helped give me a new outlook and I know it can do the same for others as well. I highly recommend this course!"

Alpha Coaching is the Solution:

A 12-week Life, Career, and Money Coaching Experience for Physicians

The experience begins November 18th.

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An Amazing Hybrid Coaching Experience 

12-weekly group and multiple one-on-one coaching sessions, led by Physicians for Physicians

The Self-Coaching Book For Physicians

We aren't going to fish for you in Alpha Group Coaching.  Instead, we teach you how to fish.  This book lays out the tools you will need.

Here is what is Included in Alpha Group Coaching:

  • 12 Group Coaching sessions with Dr. Jimmy Turner.
  • Up to eight (8) one-on-one coaching sessions with an Alpha Coach.
  • Online video lessons on coaching methods and tips for success.
  • The PDF Booklet - Self Coaching Tools for Physicians: From Victim to Victor 
  • Text support with coaches between sessions
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If You Want to Balance Being a
Partner, Parent, and a Physician


You have two choices:

1) Stay Exactly Where You Are, and...

  • Stay burned out.
  • Think you are a bad partner, parent, or physician.
  • Blame your job and other people in your life for how you feel.
  • Make excuses about not having enough time or money to make a change.
  • Constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed.
  • Experience the constant stress from busy clinics, OR schedules, or shifts.

2) Take a Leap of Faith with Coaching, and ...

  • Be the best partner, parent, or physician you can be.
  • Fall back in love with medicine.
  • Reduce the stress and burnout you experience every day.
  • Learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed through intentional planning.
  • Take back the autonomy of your feelings and how you show up in this world.
  • Improve your work satisfaction.

Are you burned out or feeling overwhelmed?  

Professional Group Coaching has been shown to decrease physician burnout and improve overall quality of life in working physicians (JAMA 2019)

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By the end of the Alpha Group Coaching Experience, you will be able to:

  • Know how The Thought Model works, and how to apply it to your life to achieve any change imaginable.
  • Find "your people" who surround you with a community of support.
  • Understand that there are no such things as "true" or "false" thoughts, only thoughts that serve us or thoughts that don't.
  • Understand that all of the powers to make the changes you need are inside of you. 

Can't I just get one-on-one coaching? And wouldn't it cost less?


Sure. First, you'll need to interview a lot of coaches to find a good fit. Then, you'll need to hope that they are good at what they do. (And that you won't need any other kind of coaching they don't provide).

Or... you can let the Alpha Coaching Experience do the heavy lifting for you by finding the right coaches to fit your needs!



  • What happens if your one-on-one coach isn't a good fit? 
  • What happens if you want to get coached one week on your career and the next week on your marriage? (And the following week on business?)


My friend, with one-on-one coaching you are stuck!  With just one option.


Inside the Alpha Coaching Experience, we hand-select coaches for each enrollment based on the needs of our Alpha clients!


You want coaches to help with burnout? We have them.  

You want to get great marriage coaching?  It's there.

Oh, you want money coaching to help you earn more money? Yep. They are there.

Are you ready to find your ideal life?  Don't miss out. The doors close soon.

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Sourendra Raut, MD, CM
Orthopedic Surgeon

" The Alpha Coaching experience is an excellent combination of one-on-one and group sessions that allows you to generate insights into many of the common issues that we as physicians struggle with on a regular basis. 

Through the guidance of Jimmy and his coaching colleagues, I have been able to modify my behaviors to effectuate positive changes in my life.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this course for any healthcare providers who want to start approaching their careers and lives in a more sustainable manner and need some guidance and support to get this accomplished."

Dr. Adam S.
Emergency Medicine

"Joining this group has been the best professional decision I've made all year.
Life, career, finance - nothing is off limits and this program has taught me how to be more intentional in all aspects of life.

I cannot speak highly enough about this coaching program. It's something I recommend to friends and co-workers regularly - no matter what career stage you are in, this will be well worth your time!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of the Alpha Coaching Experience?

Jimmy Turner, MD

Jimmy's background as a husband, father, physician, and side-hustle extraordinaire led him through a dark and lonely road through burnout (and Grave's disease).  His drug of choice to help him get through it all was an arrival fallacy - the idea that the "next" accomplishment would make him happy.

Through coaching, Jimmy was able to regain power and autonomy over his life.  He now loves the journey (and the life he and his family live), and now helps other doctors do the same.

Jimmy is originally from Florida, but now lives in North Carolina where he practices academic anesthesiology.  His wife Kristen is an educator, and they have three children.  Jimmy is also the founder of The Physician Philosopher blog/podcast.

When not practicing anesthesia, Jimmy enjoys golf (don't confuse this for being "good" at golf!), working on The Physician Philosopher, hanging out with Kristen, and playing Chess and video games with his kids.

Fall enrollment ended November 2
(Coaching starts November 18th)

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